Wednesday, January 29, 2014

49 weeks to a cleaner house.

Since we don't think we will move in the next, oh, 10 years at least, Doug and I decided it was time to systematically go through our entire house and clean out. "But you're always throwing things out!" I can hear my mom say. :)  Yet we are hoarders of other things. So we decided that every Wednesday (trash night) we would clean out a small area of our house - something we could do in an hour or less. "Is it beautiful or are we using it?" is our mantra. If the answer is no, it is donated or trashed. We started in the basement food storage area, then moved to the back room shelves and cleaned out enough to have an empty shelf.  Next I went through the drawers in a dresser in storage down there, cleaning out 2 drawers.

Feeling empowered, we have moved on to the kitchen. I started on the "lazy susan" then moved to the cupboard above it in the corner. I shifted some things around, and now we have not only clean & organized areas, there is also ROOM on those shelves!

Look at all that space!  Today (yet another day off school) I began on the "wooden" cupboards that has become a catch-all. I cleaned out a basket of stuff I had been collecting and behind it, found TEN phone books. Who even uses one anymore? I kept the most recent county book & the rest are being recycled. Magnetic letters for the fridge? Uh, no. Don't need them or the clutter. And worst of all, behind the lunchboxes, I found... swim diapers. It's been 3 years since Charlie has needed a swim diaper before we ran out to the kiddie pool.... so yeah, we need to do this cleanout. Tonight when Doug is home - we're cleaning out the food pantry.

After the kitchen is done, I suspect a closet or three is in the future. We're putting off the hard stuff (our desks, kids' toys) for now. But it feels awesome to lighten the load in here!