Sunday, November 10, 2013

On to therapy #3

We have been taking Roman to OT now for a month. Three times a week, we jump in the car at 4pm, drive 50 min. to the office, do 50 min. of therapy, and then drive the 50 min. home again. It makes for some long days! However, his confidence has already grown, his core & upper arm strength is increasing, and best of all - his encopresis is already improving. They have an OT named Sandy that we had been told about, who apparently has a "magic touch" when it comes to this problem. She has done 3 half-hour sessions with Ro and the problem has gone from 3-4 times a week to 2x a week.

She does something called "visceral manipulation." Basically, as she explains it, his internal organs and nerves in the private area are bound, restricted, and confused. She applies different techniques to his low back & upper buttocks. Ro doesn't mind it - he gets to watch a video while he lays on a massage table. Sandy told me she currently has five clients with encopresis. She also told Doug that this is commonly found in children from Russia.

Anyway, so he will do OT through mid-December. Some days it's just me and Roman, which is very enjoyable - we have time to talk in the car, where we rarely do at home. Other days we have Charlie with us, and he's very jealous - OT generally looks like a big playtime to him! Ro sees 2 therapists, depending on the day, and one will allow Charlie to be in the gym with them and sometimes "help" by swinging Roman or bouncing him in a hammock.

As for school, even with accommodations they have put in place, Roman still occasionally gets overwhelmed with things. He commonly doesn't complete things at school, so ends up with lots to make up on the weekends. We have noticed that extra time on tests has led to better scores (a B on the most recent one!). All this together, we are going to insist on an IEP to make things official. We've been told multiple times that while homework should take time at home, it shouldn't be something that brings tears and stress to our family. Um, welcome to almost every night?  We've rearranged when Ro does his homework, and he's even been doing it in the car on the way to OT. But he does need frequent breaks, and him just knowing he has extra time has helped quite a bit.

Archery doesn't start again until January, and OT will be done by then. Thank goodness!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Charlie, my heart

Kindergarten is hard. That's Charlie's summary of his school year so far. He has a teacher who has high expectations! It was a good/bad start - he likes school, but some things are too easy and boring (alphabet, he already knows it). On the other hand, some things have been challenging to him - cutting, sitting quietly. We have gotten 2 calls from his teacher so far about his behavior. We all agree his behavior is worse in the afternoon and it's because he is so darn tired! That doesn't excuse his hitting, of course, or refusing to follow directions - but it does explain it.
He's on a special behavior plan now, where his teacher notifies us what "color" he is (green, yellow, blue, red). If he gets 2 green in a row, we will give him a reward. Since starting it 4 weeks ago, he has earned 3 rewards. It clearly helps. He likes gym the best, and loves before & after-school care. Playtime! He is definitely ready to read - he's always spelling out words he sees, asking how to spell things so he can write them, & recently has begun to recognize a few three-letter words
He's been doing tang soo do with Doug once a week, and is testing for his yellow belt next weekend. He loves going, and other black belts have commented that he does some of the best pushups of all the students. The occasional Friday he and Doug go to "Friday Night Fights" which is just a big sparring hour.