Sunday, June 30, 2013


Family members not on Facebook, this is for you!  I'll get to my family in a future post, but today - projects. We've attacked many. Over winter break back in January, we had the wood floors refinished. Over spring break in April, we finally decided to act on our daydreams and redid the living room. I can't say remodeled, because we didn't change much.... but gutted? Definitely.

We were excited for this project, but you know how one thing just snowballs into something else? Well, we pulled the old insulation down and besides a mouse nest (complete with baby), we found rotted deck boards. A lot of them.  After a couple of estimates and some discussion, we also got - a new roof! All in all, we had 13 deck boards replaced, a new roof, and new soffets & downspouts too. On the upside - we've noticed a temperature difference in our house already.

Anyway... after our budget was surpassed (thanks, roof) and our couple-week timeline turned into a month, it was finally finished.

Well, this is mostly finished. It turns out, I never did post a picture of the actual finished living room. But look at that door! And new carpet! And shelves! I'll have to take a picture soon.  So that's been our excitement, putting finishing touches on the room (trim & molding), rediscovering the books we've put in storage (in the basement, in Charlie's closet...) and so on. Next up will be the bathroom, but that's going to be summer of 2014 if it happens.

Another project that has turned into a big one is our camper. We've kind of "let it go" the past couple years, just shoving things into it and not doing beautification upkeep, just the basics. Doug decided it was time. We completely emptied it last week, and discovered there's more to do there too. Like rotten boards again, but this time just inside the door. Well, to be honest, we knew there was a soft spot there, but now it's a glaring problem. Doug repaired a part of the ceiling already, and is installing shelving in the little closet & put new stabilizer jacks on. These things are that exciting to me (well, the shelves kinda are).  The exciting part is I get to buy some replacement items, such as new rugs.  I have a reason to shop!! And that's the excitement this week.

I had a lot of little projects I wanted to complete this summer, but I think the camper (combined with me cochairing VBS, another post) is going to wipe me out. The bathroom closet and the lazy-susan in the kitchen will have to wait for another time. Maybe... Thanksgiving weekend.