Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow days? No thanks.

My dislike of snow days started when Roman was probably 3 or 4. They were no longer fun, carefree days - they were a lot of work!  Having a lack of imagination, Roman needed constant "entertainment." He was always asking for me to play with him, create with him, watch TV with him... and if I tried to do tasks around the house, or heaven forbid - something fun for me - he would cry, yell, complain, you name it.  It makes sense to us now - an abandonment feeling, a need he had to be close to someone - but at the time, just the most frustrating, annoying behavior.

It hasn't gotten much better with the addition of little brother. There are days that the boys play well together, and days where all they do is pick, poke, and yell at each other. Snow days, sadly, seem to be days they do not get along.  I actually dread the phone call, because all it means is a long day of playing referee, sending them to separate locations, and listening to them whine either about each other or because they're bored.

Today is another snow day. It is just past 9:30am and already they have been in 2 fights, been sent to their rooms, and Charlie has hit me to earn a second time-out. On my agenda today is empty the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, put 3 loads of laundry away, and perhaps - perhaps! - spend 15 or 20 minutes working on a craft project. We'll see...

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