Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A new year, a new effort

Christmas: check.
New Year's: check.
Charlie's birthday: check.
Semester break: check.
Practically February: oh my gosh!

2013 arrived with a whoosh and it's been nonstop since we all returned to work/school. We had a great Christmas break, probably the best yet - spent time with family & friends, visited the Institute of Art for some fun, had a couple lazy pajama-days here at home. As usual, Charlie's birthday snuck up on us but he turned 5 with much fanfare.

It seems the older he gets, the less he wants to follow directions - there is a large learning curve going on in his life right now. Of course, he reminds me of... well, of me. And I turned out just fine!

Roman is finding 4th grade to be really fun and really tough all at the same time. Homework is taking longer & is much more involved. He's done a couple projects & the great thing is, he tells me he doesn't get nervous before he has to do a speech or presentation. What a great gift.  There are certain things he really struggles with due to mood/ADHD, so we're going to request a 504 plan (accommodations) based on his ADHD. He doesn't have any learning disabilities, per se, but his ability to concentrate for any length of time is greatly hampered; so this affects his reading & figuring math problems. Science and Social Studies, with its shorter content & clear questions to answer, seem to be more his style.

I did get to chaperone his 4th grade trip to Lansing to visit the Capitol building & the Supreme Court. It was great fun & I was glad to spend that kind of time with Ro.

Roman plays the part of a witness in a trial

My work? Doug's work? We're plugging along. We rearranged our dining room after getting the floors redone & piano tuned... now we're saving up to gut the living room & improve it. Hopefully April will bring financial showers. :)
February brings the annual DC trip for me, ice fishing for Doug, a visit to my parents for my boys, & the camper & RV show - Doug and I are going to arrange a "date afternoon" for it & spend some time daydreaming. Life is good.