Thursday, September 06, 2012

Back to school edition

What a crazy week! Three of the four of us went back to school, making for a complete shakeup of our routine. Roman was very excited to start school and see his friends again. Charlie was sort of excited... he was nervous about his daycare teacher and hoping she would be nice. Me, of course, I was worried about setting the right tone in class so the year would go right.

Three days in, and we're close to our "usual." Charlie hates mornings and doesn't ever want to go to "school" but then loves it once he settles in. Roman seems to be happy, except he brought homework home tonight and made it clear that's what he dislikes about school. I finally am feeling more comfortable and getting a feel for my classes' personalities. Still wish I could have a housekeeper, as all the little things like laundry & dishes are falling behind!

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