Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's about sex.

Roman and I were just having a nice conversation about movies. He was asking what is involved in an R-rated movie that he couldn't see. I answered that it would be really violent, or have a lot of swear words, or other things that he didn't need to see. And he says, "I know. S-E-X."  And there it was. The conversation I had been wondering when would happen, is in my lap.

So I asked him if he knew what it was. "Yes."  Can you tell me? "I don't want to explain it. It's disgusting." Do you know what it's for? "No."  To make babies.  "Oh. Did you and Daddy do that?"  Yes, that's how Charlie was made. "Oh, my gosh."

I asked how he found out about it - "my friends." I asked what, do you just sit around the playground discussing this?  "No, remember that website with Nick?"  Oh yes I do. (a few months ago, they were discovered on an inappropriate website that Nick wanted to show Roman).  I said, I thought there were only naked women on that website. "No. So was THAT." 

Oh, my goodness. I told him I was sorry that he learned about it that way - because sex really is a nice thing when you're married, and Daddy and I would have liked to have told him about it first. "Yeah." And then we got to talking about the Lord of the Rings movies.

It was an easy-going conversation, unfortunately not face-to-face; I was cuddling with him, his back to me. But what I was most impressed with is how natural we both were - he didn't get dysregulated, he asked & I answered, and we moved on. I sure hope we can keep that kind of communication in the future.