Saturday, May 26, 2012

This time it's Doug...

We are becoming true experts on the hospitals in our area. This week's adventure is brought to you by Doug, who is currently being attended to in the Critical Care Unit at Botsford. His pneumonia/fever was just not progressing, so they admitted him through the ER on Friday night. This morning they stuck a tube in his lung (yes - ow!) and immediately drained 2 liters of fluid out. Over the last few hours he has drained another liter, and it still keeps coming.

Big Doc Pulmonologist stopped in later while I was there and said they want him to have another CT scan tomorrow to check that lung. He confirmed that indeed, it was "collapsing" in the lower part of his lung. He wants to make sure that it is beginning to "inflate" again. If all is well, the tube can come out and Doug can start healing. If not, the tube stays in until Monday. Big Doc P. also has a thoracic surgeon on hold, who has looked at Doug's tests & was present for the chest tube insertion, in case something more has to be done. He will remain in the ICU as long as the tube is in.

Meanwhile, Doug is remaining almost comfortable. He and the nurses are having a great time teasing each other - we think the nurses are probably glad to have someone in the CCU who can respond to them! That's what the x-ray tech said, anyway. There is definite pain as the chest tube runs into his armpit, around his back, through the rib and into his lung, and since he is on his back, he's laying right on it. Morphine is helping that. They have him on a clear diet, which apparently includes red jello and purple popsicles.

Will keep everyone informed, of course. Doug's brother came to stay with the kids and entertain them while I am at the hospital, which is wonderful.

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