Monday, May 28, 2012

Hurry up and wait

Our continued adventure at Botsford has led us to meet some great doctors. Dr. Eisenburg is the pulmonologist Doug was admitted under, and he's very casual and cool. Dr. Kaplan is also a pulmonologist that was on call over the weekend, also very nice. I didn't meet Dr. Jenner (Jennings?), the thoracic surgeon who will do the scraping, but Doug liked him.

Surgery is going to be scheduled for Wednesday, hopefully in the morning. Because of the holiday weekend, it messes everything up. His surgery will be to remove the excess goo that can't be removed from around the lung. Basically, the goo is the body's way of isolating where the infection was - his left lung. It wraps around the lung, between the membrane and lung. The thicker the goo gets, it squeezes his lung and collapses it. Doctors guess that when Doug finally started having a problem, was because his entire left lung shut down.

They have drained a bit over 3 liters and the goo that is left is turning into a jello-like substance. Doctor said the longer it's in there, the more "leathery" it gets. So they will go in Wednesday and scrape it all out, then re-inflate his lung. They did say to think of his lung like a paper bag; the longer it's collapsed, the more likely it is to hold it's crumbled shape. So they may have to get in there and slowly pull the tissues apart to help it re-inflate; he may not get all his lung capacity back. Is this scary or what?!

But for now, he's being a smart aleck with the nurses and getting particular about the way the food service handles his orders. He may become THAT patient. Tube still in the lungs, but they took him off saline drip and oxygen for now. Still in the ICU because his doctor ordered a private room for him; until one becomes available, he will remain in ICU. We did sneak the kids in for a 5-minute visit yesterday so they could see him; we Skyped tonight (Doug on his cell phone). So we're just waiting for Wednesday now.

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