Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A step back, a step forward

Our vacation did reveal one thing - wow, did Roman's ADHD medicine need some adjusting! I thought a couple times, if he acts close to this at school, no wonder he's having social trouble! The boy has flying thoughts and a mouth that almost keeps up with them. And I have noticed a handful of times that when he does his homework later in the evening, he can't focus worth anything. Like this evening, he spent 10 minutes trying to find the "right" pencil; then the pencil he had didn't have a good eraser, so he had to find another one; then it wasn't sharp enough; then the eraser was too loose so he kept fiddling with it. All while attempting a review math packet that is due tomorrow.

He had an appointment with the psychiatrist this evening, not a moment too soon in our opinion. The last week, for a variety of reasons, played emotional havoc with Ro. He was very manic for a few days (grandparents coming to visit, going to see the Titanic exhibit); then he crashed over and over throughout the weekend. He leveled out on Sunday, but I don't think I could do another few days like that for awhile. We had been hoping that the neurofeedback Roman is doing would help; and it has, in the OCD & anxiety areas. I guess a little more work is to be done on the bipolar & ADHD front.

Anyway, so we are tweaking medicine & hopefully will have a boy who is leveled out some. It breaks my heart when I ask him, like tonight, "is it frustrating that you can't sit and do homework?" And he looks at me with his beautiful blinky eyes and says, "Yes, a lot."  And when we finally can get him "off the ledge" of a manic crash and talk with him, and he bursts into real tears because he just doesn't know why it happens... my poor sweet Ro.

On the good news front, Roman graduated on Monday from "talk therapy." There are some topics that he just won't visit right now (and that's okay), and we have been trained as a family how to deal with his bipolar outbursts. He recovers from his meltdowns much quicker now (seriously - 10 minutes instead of 45!) and Doug and I are able to empathize and stay calm (most of the time). We do expect he will need to see someone again when hormones arrive or social issues become a large problem (read: middle school), but until then I *think* we'll be okay. So that's a huge plus!


Sheryl J said...

Hooray for steps forward. He is so blessed to have you for parents who care and can help. And glad to hear that it's family focused.

Amy said...

Thank you for the support, Sheryl!