Wednesday, March 07, 2012


My little independent son. Loves to be a helper - he wants to cook, do the dishes, and tonight he wanted to help me take the trash & recycling out. He's very proud of himself when he does, too. He loves cars, planes, "guys," & recently decided he needs to collect Pokemon cards like Roman. He also has shown some interest in creating Lego guys.

At school his behavior is much improved. No more hitting. Between them and us, we've almost cured him of constant potty-talk, too. Now we're just in the "not following any directions" stage, which drives Doug crazy.  Charlie decided his second swim coach was not as good as his first, Mr. Joe. He told me he wouldn't do a rollover for anyone but Mr. Joe... so we switched his swim class to a new day & time to accommodate his affection. And what do you know, after 2 practices he's doing rollovers for Mr. Joe.

Charlie is also excelling at Tiny Tigers tang soo do, earning his "tiger stripe" after testing last month. Doug reports he seems to be a natural, loving the kicks and remembering combinations pretty well. Clearly he's going to be the athlete of the family.

I have a video but seem to be having trouble uploading it here; but mark my words, it was cute. Charlie singing a little song. Ah well, I'll try it on Facebook for those of you who see me there!

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