Saturday, December 10, 2011

Turning gas pains into surgery

One of my many talents I guess! Long and short of it - I had gas pains and cramping for about 3 days. One of the days I also had fever and nausea. When I had a lightning-strike pain on my right side Monday morning, I decided I better get to the hospital. All signs pointed to appendix but they ordered a CT scan to confirm. Imagine the surprise when the ER doc comes to the room to say - "It's not your appendix. However, there is... something... in there."  Off I went to ultrasound where it was confirmed I had a mass, just smaller than a golf ball, outside of my small intestine. I was admitted.

Tuesday I had to wait all day for surgery because I wasn't technically "emergency," so I didn't go under the knife until 6:30 or so that night. A mass was removed and a diverticulum (pouch) was stapled up. Since my blood and urinalysis were fine, and it didn't look like cancer, doctor said it was most likely just a cyst or polyp. I will get definite results this week.

So I ended up having to stay through Friday because I had to be stepped through liquid diet, bland diet, and pass gas before I could go home. I also am off work through Christmas break which I am somewhat unhappy about, but I suppose is for the best. I had to take 2 naps today and still on pain pills.

The boys (all 3 of them) handled things very well. It helped that I was in a hospital in my own town so it was no big deal to come visit. Roman was the one we were especially worried about, but Doug and he had a long talk the first night I was in hospital and he got some fears relieved.  Lots of people have reached out to help us and it's been so appreciated! Now it's just a matter of letting the healing continue.

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