Monday, August 01, 2011

How will we get to it all?

(Proud Lake camping)

The halfway mark of summer has passed for us - that's VBS. It's always the last week of July and I dread it and love it at the same time. I taught Roman's class this year which was fun - but Charlie had a real hard time being separated from me every day. We had a very busy weekend a couple weeks ago - camping & the air show - so this past and this coming weekend we're being lazy and sticking around home. I am also excited for and dreading school starting again. Now that my kids & I have a routine down, there's lots we want to do - and we'll have to undo it in a few short weeks!

(P51 Mustang at air show)

On the losing weight front, I am proud to tell my gentle readers that I have lost an unofficial total of 13.5 lbs in a month (weigh-in is not until tomorrow, but I may have cheated this morning and looked). I have gone down a shirt size and probably a pant size too, except I mostly wear elastic baggy capris in the summer so who knows. There have been lots of fruits and veggies in the house - boy, is it expensive to eat healthy!  The three things I know to be true so far is: 1. Fruits and veggies make a person regular. 2. Within a week highly processed sugary stuff tasted bad. 3. I cannot function without 8 oz. of Coke.

We still have excitement for August. A swim birthday party for a friend of Roman's, camping with friends, Roman will be going to a week-long art class with my niece (longest he will ever have been away from us - 4 nights!), Doug is taking a day off to help me move into my classroom, & I have a wedding shower/bachelorette party to attend.  Not to mention all the local things we still want to do (a newly discovered arts & crafts store in Ann Arbor, bowling, swimming, zoo, Greenfield Village).

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