Monday, August 22, 2011

How many ways do we need to be told?

"Three out of four of the markers for bipolar."   "If the medication works, you'll know he's bipolar."  "What you're describing are the symptoms of bipolar."  And yet I still want to be in denial. Not that it isn't manageable with medication, but it's a life sentence. Roman will always have to be on medication. He will always need to see a specialist. For a boy who does not want to be in touch with his feelings, or sometimes can't even identify them, this is horrible.

We had been suspecting for a few weeks that the medication Ro was on to stabilize his moods wasn't working as well as it had. We were noticing more ups and downs, and they were getting both more frequent & larger in scope.  We had agreed that when we saw the psychiatrist today we would talk with her. But Roman put his bipolar on display Saturday - we haven't seen a low like that in months. Poor boy. Even as he is experiencing it, he can't explain why. He was sobbing, tears flowing, all the while saying "I don't know why I'm upset." Unfortunately this happened at my parents' house, so they had to see the ugly side of his usually bright and sunny (sometimes manic) disposition.

Based on our explanations and Roman's help, we have to add another medication to his day. This is the step I'd been dreading, although I had been warned - bipolar isn't as easy as one pill & he's fixed. In fact, Dr. told me that she was surprised we hadn't said anything earlier, as kids Roman's age with bipolar usually need 2 medications at this time.  This medication also requires blood drawing to check levels, so Ro had the unhappy experience of a blood draw this morning. He was very brave (and earned a new lightsaber). He has to do it again in 2 weeks to check med. levels. This is getting so much more complicated.

I'm glad, though, for a few things. That we know of this early enough in his life that we can manage it and help Ro learn to manage it. We're blessed to have a fabulous psychiatrist with a degree in pharmacology, worth every not-covered-by-insurance penny.  And so lucky that Roman has not shown any aggressive tendencies and still remains a sweet, lovable boy.  We know God led us to him and so we need to continue to be the best parents we can for him.

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Wendy said...

So sorry that things continue to be so hard. Thankful for you, though, that you have found some good doctors who are helping you find some answers.

Praying for you tonight.