Sunday, July 10, 2011

Third time's a charm?

I have mentioned my weight issues before. I may not have mentioned that I am also the queen of "any excuse in the book" not to do something. I have successfully put off going back to Weight Watchers since my previous post (March). First, it was to get through the end of school... then I switched medicine again... then end of June... then 4th of July... but I did it. I rejoined WW Online for the third time on Tuesday. It's a slightly different system than they had before - they reconfigured their Points. This caused me to melt down on day 2 or 3 already, because all the bookmarking & figuring & counting I've ever done - now it's no good. Where a poptart was a good treat at 4 points, now it's 6 points! My favorite bread was 1 point a slice - now it's 2! Granted, you get more points... but everything "costs" more now.

So that was frustrating, although I'm getting the hang of it. I dig why they changed it - frankly, I could get away with eating crap and still losing weight. They're going for a "life change" approach. Which I have to do. I have a terrible habit of wanting to weigh myself every day to see what's happening, which I need to stop obsessing over.

Today I was at JC Penney and found their sundresses were 60% off. I tried on one and it *almost* fit... my tummy was the problem. (next size up was too big elsewhere). So I bought it anyway as inspiration and am hanging it on my closet door - I want to wear it with a cute little shrug or cardigan on Parent Night at work, which is the 2nd week of September. Figure even a pound a week, from now until Parent Night, would be a loss of 8.5 pounds. I'm hoping for 10 pounds down, plus a tummy-smoother, and I'll be in that dress no problem.

Exercise has also been on my mind. Frankly, I hate to sweat. But I've gotten to the point that I sweat anyway, even just sitting outside, because I've got so much flab on me. So I did the dorkiest thing imaginable - bought myself a sweatband for my head, & a couple for my wrist. Matching grey, so stylish! There's a walking path at Rotary Park that if we hit it at the right time, the boys can ride their bikes on it too. And I need to pull out the ol' Turbo Jam and get cranking again. But like I said, I may look like a dork but I'm probably more likely to do it if sweat isn't burning my eyes all the time.

So. There you have it. I'll have to post a before & after picture each month to see what happens, eh?

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BethAnne74 said...

I feel your pain Amy! I am at the heaviest I have ever been and what with all the garbage that has ben going I have been eating way too much! So I am dropping all the little things no sugar in tea, no chocolate except for once a day and if I need to snack ...have an herbal tea. Well....thats the plan!