Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer fun - the brighter side of life

Enough stress, deep thinking, & angst! We are having fun this summer, too. First, my news: In the first 2 weeks of Weight Watchers I've lost 5.5 pounds! Even had a 24-hour period where I blew it in terms of restaurants, but back on the horse & doing well. Now, my kids - when they're not annoying each other:

Playing dress-up

Helping Dad wash the car

Eyeing the sprinkler before he runs through...

Sparklers on the 4th of July!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Third time's a charm?

I have mentioned my weight issues before. I may not have mentioned that I am also the queen of "any excuse in the book" not to do something. I have successfully put off going back to Weight Watchers since my previous post (March). First, it was to get through the end of school... then I switched medicine again... then end of June... then 4th of July... but I did it. I rejoined WW Online for the third time on Tuesday. It's a slightly different system than they had before - they reconfigured their Points. This caused me to melt down on day 2 or 3 already, because all the bookmarking & figuring & counting I've ever done - now it's no good. Where a poptart was a good treat at 4 points, now it's 6 points! My favorite bread was 1 point a slice - now it's 2! Granted, you get more points... but everything "costs" more now.

So that was frustrating, although I'm getting the hang of it. I dig why they changed it - frankly, I could get away with eating crap and still losing weight. They're going for a "life change" approach. Which I have to do. I have a terrible habit of wanting to weigh myself every day to see what's happening, which I need to stop obsessing over.

Today I was at JC Penney and found their sundresses were 60% off. I tried on one and it *almost* fit... my tummy was the problem. (next size up was too big elsewhere). So I bought it anyway as inspiration and am hanging it on my closet door - I want to wear it with a cute little shrug or cardigan on Parent Night at work, which is the 2nd week of September. Figure even a pound a week, from now until Parent Night, would be a loss of 8.5 pounds. I'm hoping for 10 pounds down, plus a tummy-smoother, and I'll be in that dress no problem.

Exercise has also been on my mind. Frankly, I hate to sweat. But I've gotten to the point that I sweat anyway, even just sitting outside, because I've got so much flab on me. So I did the dorkiest thing imaginable - bought myself a sweatband for my head, & a couple for my wrist. Matching grey, so stylish! There's a walking path at Rotary Park that if we hit it at the right time, the boys can ride their bikes on it too. And I need to pull out the ol' Turbo Jam and get cranking again. But like I said, I may look like a dork but I'm probably more likely to do it if sweat isn't burning my eyes all the time.

So. There you have it. I'll have to post a before & after picture each month to see what happens, eh?

Friday, July 08, 2011

Dog days of summer already?

We have reached the part of summer I had been dreading. Roman was enjoyable the first few weeks, being a great kid and I thoroughly liked being with him. Probably the first summer I've felt that way. Charlie was cute and sweet, a few tempers but nothing significant. It was the honeymoon. Little by little, we have devolved. roman doesn't want to do anything, go anywhere, nothing is fun, he's bored, etc. When I tell him of something we're going to do, he simply says no. I inform him he's going anyway, and a meltdown occurs.

Charlie has entered the "push your buttons" phase. Verbally he asks "why" all the time, asks the same question two to three times in succession, or asks all of us the same question individually. When I turn the "why" around on him, he simply shrugs his shoulders and says "I don't know." Gah! Too early to be doing that! He has picked up many things from his older brother, some funny (inflections in his voice, certains phrases) and not so funny (can they please stop mentioning body functions unless they have to do it?).

We observe with envy kids in other families at the park, movies, fireworks. They follow directions in public, at least. They sit - and remain sitting. Many times they sit quietly. Why weren't we allowed at least one child like that? Why does it have to be such an effort to take my kids anywhere? It's gotten to the point where I have to lay all sorts of ground rules down about whining, asking to leave, asking for a toy, you name it.

So we're plodding through summer, and I WILL keep them occupied. Just wish they appreciated it a little more.