Thursday, June 23, 2011

Training, day 2

The dreaded training... potty, that is. Just like when he was a newborn, I am now talking about Charlie's pee and poop all the time. Whatever nice words my parents taught me for these bodily functions have gone out the window. Whatever works, baby.

Yesterday was our first true day of training. Decided to go without diaper outside and C. notified me immediately when he had to go. Success! Decided to go inside without a diaper, and he went another 4 times throughout the day. No accidents. Great success!

Today we started out well again, with C. requesting "to go nakey like before." Continued to do his #1 when at home in the toilet, with warning. This afternoon we were playing (him nakey) when C. said, "Poop!" I said with some urgency, "go to the bathroom! Go! Go!" He stood up... and it was already done. On the carpet. Easy to clean, luckily. After dinner he said his tummy hurt, but he gave us warning, and did his first #2 in the toilet! Woohoo! But I should have paid attention to the fact it was loose.... he wasn't back in the living room more than a couple minutes before he yelled again, "I'm pooping!" I ran out to see.... oh yes. Himself, the carpet, just a mess. He was upset, too, as he had a panicked look on his face. Word from the Daddy: No more running around nakey. So tomorrow we will wear underwear with severe warnings that he cannot get them wet.

He's really pleased with his reward - M&Ms - and tries to use the toilet even when he doesn't need to, just to see if he can get a few more M&Ms. He's definitely old enough to do this - now let's hope his stubborn side doesn't appear.


Cat Hoemke said...

IMO, potty training is one of the lows of parenting. We are eeking through it (and have been) since May in earnest. I'd say hang in there, but I really have no idea how long its going to to take for little man to become more independent about it. I keep telling myself he won't go to high school in pull ups. :P

Cat Hoemke said...

I thought I'd add this little story: So we've been sitting tobo down on the pot at natural breaks in the rountine, before dinner, before we go outside, etc. He doesn't like it and often plays while he sits for a minute. The other day he was organziing his pull-ups according to color and character and then proceeded to tell me "the plan". "So I'll wear these pull-ups first and when they are all gone then I'll where these." Looks at me with a "you see mom?" look. If only it were that easy!