Thursday, June 30, 2011

My dirt collection

It has been hidden away for years, tucked into a paper-box at the back of the basement cabinets. Oh, I would think of it from time to time, always meaning to scrap it in some way. But I just didn't get to it. Until this past May, when I saw this cool shadow box from Tim Holtz and these little glass jars and everything started to come together in my brain. It was time to liberate my dirt collection.

It's a far cry from my complete collection from back in the day - from 1994 through 2000, I received dirt from people who would travel, I would collect it myself, I would even get dirt from friends of friends. But I went through it all, saved the most memorable or thoughtful, and have put them on display.

I stopped collecting in 2000 when my canister of St. Andrews golf course dirt opened in my suitcase. I figured that was a sign... plus, as newlyweds we just didn't travel that much! But putting this display together has inspired me again. I go to DC once a year & I would love to collect some Pentagon dirt. And we'll start traveling with the kids more often now that they're bigger... this could be a lot of fun once again! (& no worries - I left lots of room in the display for the future!)


Sheryl said...

I love it! So very cool...
Great way to use one of those Tim Holtz kits. I always liked them, and had a couple of ideas, but like you, they've never come to fruition. Glad yours did:)

Happy Holiday weekend!

BethAnne74 said...

Ahhhh the dirt collection! I will eventually smuggle some Irish dirt to you...seeing as how last time I tried immigration took out of my bag!