Friday, May 13, 2011

How to scrap & be up to date

An oxymoron, no? It is near impossible to be a scrapper and to be up to date at the same time. There's always a side project, or an idea bouncing around your head, or the sheer volume of pictures to contend with. Last year I decided to forgo Project 365 and focus instead on "The Monthly": doing layouts by month. I can choose how many for each month, stick the shots in a template, and by the end of the month they are ready to be paged through. I also picked 8.5x11 size because it's easier to sit with it in your lap. It worked so well for 2010 that I am doing it again this year and am very pleased. I just finished April - take a look!

It's a simple matter of digital photos sorted by date, templates purchased at Designer Digitals designed by Cathy Zielske, and the color-dropper in PSE. About one hour, & I had 4 layouts done. Hooray!

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