Sunday, May 08, 2011

Finally, it's Spring!

Here in Michigan, it's hard to tell what season it is somedays. We can go from 70s to 40s in a day, or like yesterday, 60s to 40s when the wind blows just right. It's been rainy too, but not the April-showers kind. It's been the rain-that-could-turn-to-sleet-at-any-minute kind. Today, finally, it feels like Spring. Upper 60s, cool breeze, just right for playing outside.

Spring around our house means busy weekends. Roman has started Spring flag football so has practice and games. Doug has turned his attention back to the grass (or lack thereof) and I start dreaming of a relaxing outdoor area. My brother will be working on the latter - we hired him to design a space for us now that the whole thing is trashed from the garage-raising.

Charlie, always an outdoor kid, wants to spend every waking minute outside. He is the type that can wander around outside for an hour, amusing himself with sticks and mud. He is working on making friends with Jumpy, our squirrel - they sat and stared at each other a few days ago, Jumpy in the tree and Charlie on the deck. I swear to you, it seemed that they were silently communicating.

Spring to me means school is starting to wind down. In another week or so I will be at one of my favorite parts of the year - when I have to start planning my lessons backward from the end of the year to make sure I get everything in that I need to. There is great hope I will actually have a classroom next year (hopefully not in a hallway far, far away). I look forward to summer as we're planning some different things than usual - camping more but with new friends, Roman's doing a couple of nature classes, and I want to check out a couple area fun places I haven't been yet. Although I do have a streak of trepidation - Charlie's starting to kick his naps, making them shorter and shorter... and potty-training will have to begin in earnest.

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