Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weighty information

Ah, the pun intended. I'm revealing some HUGE information here, folks. Yes, another pun. I have struggled with weight since college. When I married I was 185, 190. Pretty pleased with that nowadays! By the time we did paperwork to adopt Roman I was pushing 200, so I started dieting (my first foray into Weight Watchers Online). Got back down to 185 before we went to Russia. Gained it right back the first year with Ro home!

Flash-forward to 2007, I'm now pushing 215. Found out I was pregnant with Charlie and so no problem - I'll lose it all after he's born! And I did, with Weight Watchers' help: back down to 185, 190. Pleased again. And then I started some medication in 2009 for anxiety, and guess what - it's one of the worst meds for weight gain! I piled and piled it back on, now at a whopping... I don't even want to say. But the pictures tell all, gentle readers - when I saw a shot of me almost double the size of my cousins at a wedding last summer, I cried. Disgusting.

I tried Weight Watchers again, but was unable to lose anything. I'd go down 2, 3, maybe even 4 pounds - and then plateau. That's not normal. I could never lose more. Meanwhile, even though my anxiety is under control, my self-esteem is plummeting and I could even feel some depression creeping in over this issue.

So I went to a new doctor today - the psychiatrist that Roman goes to, because she has a degree in pharmacology and knows meds really well. I told her my plight and she immediately said - "there's no way you will lose weight with that medicine. It's notorious for it!" She prescribed me a different thing for anxiety right away - the same one Roman is on, ironically - and I will start weaning off this horrible drug. It will take a month to wean off, but hopefully by the end of summer I will be back at 200 again. And can go nowhere but down. My skinny clothes are hanging in Roman's closet and wanting to get out again! So nice to know that it's not me - not battling against myself.


Sheryl said...

Way to recognize that and yay for new dr! I know you can do it, I'm pulling for ya:)

Cat Hoemke said...

Ditto what Sheryl said! I'm so glad you asked for help! I hope it's a smooth transition off the other stuff. Let us know how it goes.