Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adoptees never escape

Roman and I were having a great time at a craft store today. As we were finishing up, I saw some Willow Tree brand figures and stopped to see if they had the one I've wanted (mother with two boys). They didn't, but had a "Brothers" figure. I immediately thought of Ro and Charlie, picked it up and said, "Hey Roman, what does this remind you of?" Roman immediately replied, "Me and my brother in Russia."

Oh. My. Gosh. Where I thought of him as the protective older brother, Roman immediately placed himself as the younger one. His mind must roll over those thoughts every day. I played it really well, saying "Oh it does? So this is you..." and we talked briefly about it. But my heart ached for him - wanting to know his birthfamily. We talked again about it at bedtime and he said, "even if we go back to Russia we may not find them." So clearly that little brain is spinning plans that he hasn't verbalized yet. I shared with him my feelings on my own birthfamily, and how I hope we can find his someday. Oh, my sweet Roman.

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