Thursday, February 03, 2011

Lefties have rights, too!

I am proudly a lefty. In fact, I am dominantly left-handed - it is uncomfortable for me to do most things with my right hand. And one of the great things about having a biological child is that he's a lefty too! Charlie showed off his dominant hand very early on when he first started grabbing at spoons. Life is hard for us, sure - but it is pretty awesome to be left-handed.

I thought of this today, though, as I flipped over the paper towel roll for the umpteenth time - do righties have any idea what it's like to live in their world? Here are the things I encounter:

Notebook spirals digging into my hand/arm
can openers operated with my weak hand
had to train myself to use the computer mouse on the right
the number pad on a keyboard is always on the right
the paper towel always has to be flipped - it's on a vertical holder and I want the loose end on the left, whereas Doug wants it on the right
I put cards in envelopes upside down and backward
I change diapers opposite of Doug, so early on we kept moving the wipes around
Using scissors and knives? It's messy, let's just leave it at that
When nurses try to draw blood or I have to have an IV, everything has to be switched around to accommodate me.

I had to learn to golf with right-handed clubs, which I swear is the reason I'm not very strong at it. Although now when I try to do it left-handed, it feels weird too. And for my job, writing on the overhead screen? Forget it. But I am proud of it, and so glad that Charlie gets to join the ranks of those of us in their RIGHT minds.

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