Friday, February 25, 2011

Charlie is so awesome.

I know I should do a better job of recording Charlie's little sweet nothings, so that's today's post. Except I really have to bullet-point it.

One Liners:
Charlie, after this song it's naptime. Charlie, do you know what time it is? "Um... hide & seek?"

You can have one cookie. "One at a time?"

Funny words or phrases:
"Mugot" instead of forgot
"Actually, no."

But really, the funniest thing he does at the age of 3 is try to control his little world. He likes to tell Doug and I how to sit or lay down with him. He orders us what songs to sing at bedtime. He is also fighting for independence - we regularly hear "I'll do it myself!" He is putting his pants on but still gets tangled in his shirts. And when it comes to toys, it's anything with wheels or wings - planes, trains, & automobiles.

He is really sweet too, and shows affection we never got from Roman. I finally had to ask another mom if it was normal for Charlie to be so loving. He touches my face, strokes my cheek, plays with my hair, all kinds of stuff. Apparently this is all appropriate. I can't imagine that I dreaded Charlie's arrival at one point. Life would be so grey without him.

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Amy said...

I know I used this picture before - I really need to start snapping them more!