Saturday, December 11, 2010

Into the Christmas spirit

I have avoided listening to the radio station that play Christmas songs this year. I have stuck to the traditional favorite CDs that we have & am not disappointed to have missed "I want a hippopatamus for Christmas." In rotation has been Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Attic," Roger Whittaker's Christmas Album, Domestic Problem's old Christmas CD, and tonight I broke out Bing Crosby & the Andrews Sisters. Oh yes, I was belting out the backup vocals with those ladies.

Anyhoo, we've also been trying to focus more on the "Reason for the Season" with our advent calendar and general discussions. Of course, Santa Claus is very exciting to a 3-year-old so we had to go see him this afternoon. We thought Roman would take it more in stride, but he was just as excited as his brother. Charlie asked for candy & cars; Roman asked for the Lego Hogwart's Castle (no way, it's $130!), a DSi-XL (no way, he already has a DS!) and a street hockey set (oh yeah, it's already ordered).
This coming week is a busy one in terms of Christmas fun - Thursday is Doug's work dinner party, and on Saturday Doug and I are going to Greenfield Village for our own special holiday night out, including the Eagle Tavern Dinner. Oh, heavenly yum!
The boys have been shaking packages under the tree and begging to open one. We keep telling them it's socks and underwear, but Roman is very smart & has already identified a book for himself, a video for Charlie, and Legos for himself. Thankfully, he can't read through the wrapping paper. Will have to start disguising next year.

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