Saturday, November 27, 2010

All caught up, let December begin!

This Thanksgiving weekend has been a Godsend. We were running at breakneck speed, just keeping up with daily life - appointments, meetings, even our pleasure events felt like they were flying at us and speeding by. It's amazing what a few extra days does for one's sanity.

Of course, it has helped that my boys have been AWESOME the past few days. I was home with them on Wednesday (no school for anyone) and it was a rough go, but we found our footing. Friday and today they have just been great - aside from the constant talking from not one, but both.

Thursday evening Doug and I hopped online and bought all of Roman's, and almost all of Charlie's, Christmas gifts. Thank goodness for Free shipping helps too. Then Friday I went out to Toys-R-Us and got all but one last gift for Charlie. Got my parents' gifts purchased too. I'm way ahead of where I usually am - hopefully I can keep this up!

Christmas decor went up today too, and the boys were great with that. There are an awful lot of ornaments on the bottom 2 layers of the tree (and sometimes 3-4 on one branch, thanks to Charlie) but it looks like a family tree should. We had to rearrange the living room and we made the executive decision (again) to remove the tv from it. Not only did we want more room, but it's nice to have a room in the house that isn't for electronic entertainment.

Tonight I plan to put my feet up, get a scented candle going, and read a book. Or surf the Internet. Either way, I finally feel like I *can* do that and not feel stressed.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Picasso or a pain?

Charlie has begun to express his creative side. On the floor, with a Sharpie.

On the wall, with a pink crayon.

Thank goodness for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

Monday, November 01, 2010

When it rains, it pours

On Friday afternoon I opened the fridge to get Roman something to drink. When I tried to close the door, it wouldn't. It just hung there. Turns out that the washers that cause it to stay closedn & sealed had completely worn through. Luckily, I have a handy husband who spent $1.50 and fixed it.

Definitely lucky - because on Saturday he broke the washing machine. One load ran smooth, and when Doug tried to put the 2nd load in it started to fill and then "error." After a lot of time fiddling around, he thinks its the sensors. Whatever that means. So we had to order some online & we're without washer until at least Wednesday. And we hope that it IS the sensors, or there will be some scratch-and-ding shopping in our future.