Monday, October 18, 2010

hating to do what's best for my boy

Doug wrote this title on his Facebook the other day, and I had to completely agree. Roman was needing an adjustment in medication, & that means more of it. He was bouncy again in class, going to the bathroom 3-4 times before lunch alone. Picking his scabs until they bled on his leg, arm, & now under his nose. Having meltdowns almost every day after school. Disorganized thought processes (not making much sense or connections) after dinner. So we had to up his ADHD med, his bipolar med, & adjust the times he takes them. If it doesn't work, we'll probably have to up his anxiety med too. Sooo....

We hate it. I hate having to give him medicine to be like other kids. For me to like him better. For him to function in society and be accepted. Yet what I love about our therapist is she is always on the lookout for cutting edge & even more "natural" therapies. Enter: neurofeedback.
Basically, it adjusts the "bad reaction" brainwaves to be "proper reaction" brainwaves. Completely passive. Takes between 20-60 sessions but apparently works great on ADHD, anxiety, and other things. Kids have been known to drop medications when done with it. I have a woman I work with who has already noticed a difference in her own kid's anxiety after 20 sessions. So we're very interested and thinking hard on it. The closest place that will take our insurance is in Ann Arbor, which means obnoxious drive times.

Meanwhile, we keep plugging along. I see some improvements - Ro is more freely telling me he loves me and showing me affection with hugs - but know that it is a long, long haul... lifelong, I suspect... to keep him balanced & functioning. The unfairness of it for Ro hurts me.

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