Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charlie - my normal

I told someone the other day that Charlie was "my normal." He's really just a pleasure to spend time with. He's almost 3, and has the attitude that comes with that. Wants to do almost everything himself. He is happy most the time, which is how he's been since birth. Even the caregivers at daycare have mentioned this - he is just happy! His speech is getting better too. What we have noticed is that the beginning sounds of words don't usually get pronounced, and "s" definitely doesn't. Like "poon" instead of "spoon." Or "har" instead of "car." I do expect at some point he will need speech therapy, but I also hear him trying to say these sounds more and more.
He loves to help around the house. His favorite is unloading the dishwasher, naming everything that he hands to me. When in a good mood, he'll even help pick up his toys but they don't always end up where we want them to. We are about done with his stinky diapers, but he has absolutely no interest in the toilet. No shame, either. Tonight he just leaned back and started doing #2 at the dinner table.
There's funny stories with him every day, but they usually revolve around copying something Roman has done, so it's more difficult to explain. The way he says "actually" as in, "actually, no, I don't." Tonight we played "shopping at Kroger" and he loved doing the scanning of the food. The one thing that drives us crazy - WHY? Why, mama? Why, daddy? Even after we explain something, he asks why all over again. Argh! Roman never did that so it's all new to us. Anyway, the boy is adorable and we're loving watching him grow - and grow in his skills as a little brother, too.

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