Thursday, September 09, 2010

A year of learning

Roman has 2 days in his new classroom under his belt, and things are fine academically speaking. I had a chance to speak with his teacher yesterday after school & unlike most parents (so I've heard) I decided to take the high road and just commiserate as a fellow teacher how stressed she must be to have to set up a classroom in less than 24 hours. It's certainly not her fault the district is lame in adding a class at the last minute.

Socially speaking, I think Roman is going to have a harder time this year. He has no close friend in his class although he did know 3-4 kids. Roman is the kind who wants everyone to like him and there's a "mean" kid in his class who has been rude already, making fun of his shoes (which are totally cool, btw) on the playground. Roman takes everything personally so of course, this led to a meltdown this evening because he wanted new shoes immediately. It took awhile to get at the heart of the matter, and when he finally said what happened I wanted to cry for him. If only he could have an adult mind in his kid body, he could be his own person & be damned this stupid little kid. So we will attempt to empower him instead.

As for Charlie, he is loving his days at Ms. Gretchen's. He adores her, apparently has a little friend named Cooper that he plays trucks with, and is eating & sleeping well. Saves all his grumpies for us, I guess. I'm looking forward to this weekend to spend time with my boys - I've missed being around them!

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paige said...

Poor Roman!

I worried and worried that Elliott might get picked on at school (after years of his gentle homeschooled life) and then at the last minute I thought, "what if Elliott is the mean kid?" so then I spent the last few days before school reminding him about being kind, etc.
Ugh, this is hard!