Monday, September 27, 2010

What a teacher deals with

I don't usually enter into the teacher arguments. I know I'm fortunate to be home in the summer with my children. I know I appear to work less hours than office workers. I also truly enjoy my job, which means that it doesn't usually feel like work - again, I'm very fortunate indeed. But sometimes I wish I could really share what my day is like. I've seen those forwarded emails about what I *should* be worth monetarily and how I educate the world. But no lie - this is what I did today outside my normal job of being in the classroom and teaching:

1. helped a student clean out his locker, organize his binders, and admit that he needed help dealing with the load of work in seventh grade.
2. Empathized with a student as he discussed his upcoming foot surgery that would take him out of school for 2 weeks.
3. Talked to a mom on the phone about one of my assignments.
4. Emailed a dad about his student who is already failing multiple classes.
5. Counseled a girl who has panic attacks & yet wants to go to on our DC trip.
6. Email-conversed with girl's mom to discuss the issue.
7. Brief hallway meeting with principal on said panic-attack issue.
8. Attempted to convince a spaced-out student that he could not read his novel in the hallway instead of being in my class today. I don't know that I succeeded.
9. Emailed set of parents saying their son was not allowed to bring a novel to class anymore.
10. Had to discuss with student that his bodily function noises (burps, mostly) needed to be handled in a better way than out loud while I teach.

On any given day, getting #1 accomplished would be a good day for me. Today I played parent to a LOT of students. I think it's going to be one of those years.

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