Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fall is on its way

Besides the aforementioned Halloween conversation, other things tell me that my favorite season is almost upon us. School, of course, being the biggest one. I went back to work on Monday and feel very unprepared for the school year. Lots of ideas but lots of things to do. It's horrible to feel behind before the school year even starts! I hope to get a lot of the computer-based stuff done this weekend.

Football has started... for Roman, anyway. I don't pay much attention to college or pro sports, but Ro had his first football practice on Tuesday night. He came home absolutely excited about it - showing me how to hold a football, throw it, and explaining (in somewhat confusing terms) the first couple plays he learned. So happy that he has shown interest in something that Doug loves too.

The boys head back to school as well. We had the "bounce back to school" fun time for Ro on Monday night, and there's an Open House for Charlie's daycare on Thursday evening. It's a good thing we have no plans for Labor Day, because this week is crazy! One thing I am looking forward to is Doug not working late once school starts. He told his work that he just couldn't put in the long hours once I returned to the classroom. Not sure how that will go down, but at this point they haven't fussed too much.

I have a tummyache this evening and I'm not sure what it's from. Again, I think it's the feeling of total unpreparedness I have. Hopefully I can get a handle on things tomorrow for the half-day we work. And then bid summer goodbye this weekend!

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