Wednesday, September 22, 2010

F, G, H - did I fall off the face of the earth?

Charlie had some manly surgery done on Monday - outpatient, and he's feeling great - but I certainly fell behind on doing my pages. While waiting for the surgery I did have a chance to brainstorm a lot of ideas for my alpha book, so that has been helpful. Better yet - I is today, & I want to take a picture of my favorite ice cream. It calls for a trip to Baskin Robbins after dinner tonight!


Cat Hoemke said...

I am so impressed with the album! Not only how great it looks but just being wiling to put it out there. I think this is going to mean a lot to you and your kids someday. (And probably Doug too.) :D

Sheryl said...

I agree with Cat- great ideas for all your letters. From the little things to the fears and deeper thoughts. Look forward to seeing the rest!