Monday, August 23, 2010

a Halloween conversation

Driving past the temporary Halloween store on Aug. 23:

Roman: "Can we get my costume today?"

me: No.

R: "Why not?"

me: Because you haven't truly decided what you want to be, and I don't want you to change your mind after we buy something.

R: "I do know! I want to be a zombie ninja!"

me: A zombie ninja?

R: "Yes! Or, a Jedi. Or, anything else they have that I might like."

So he hasn't decided yet, but at least we've narrowed it down, eh? Charlie, on the other hand, hooted for a Buzz Lightyear costume at Toys R Us and has worn it around the house already. Clearly he knows his own mind. By the way, I Googled it & there is an actual "zombie ninja" costume. Wow.

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