Friday, July 30, 2010

After the vacation

The vacation was very fun & Roman especially handled things very well. Only 2 small meltdowns, both easily calmed & controlled. This week has been VBS at church, which is more of a challenge. Charlie has fun, but he does not like being away from us for 3.5 hours a day while Ro and I participate in classes. And as much as I like older kids, I'm thinking of doing 3rd grade next year!

Roman finished his baseball season last night. His coaches did the best they could, but it certainly wasn't the learning experience we had hoped he'd have. Not sure what we'll do next year. Football starts in August. We got ourselves into an interesting situation with that. It's Roman's first time with flag, and apparently we signed up for the wrong league for an introductory season! The one we signed up with has practice 3x a week for 2.5 hours. Seriously. For 7-year-olds. We didn't discover this until we had paid the fee. The more we think about it (plus games on Sundays!) we are not ready to commit to this during the school year. So we are thinking of defecting to another league in the area, one that does practice 1x a week plus games. I can handle that. Just an expensive lesson learned.

Myself, I'm getting pretty tired of arranging doctor appointments. Roman and I are both on medication where we have to check in with a doctor at regular intervals. It's getting quite tiresome, because for family convenience we schedule in the afternoon - and Charlie naps from 1-3pm most days. so I end up hiring babysitters to cover almost every time I'm gone. I feel like I've spent the summer coordinating things - playdates, doctors, errands, babysitters. Looking forward to a respite in August, I hope.

Otherwise, we keep plugging along. I usually start thinking about school around this time, but this summer - not at all. I think being on a cart for yet another year, plus 3 of my 5 classes are electives, I'm feeling a bit... not excited. It's easy to blow it off if it doesn't really "count" you know? Ah well, another week or two and I'll start updating my parent letters anyway.

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