Thursday, July 15, 2010

Roman update

Roman has had a busy & fun summer, according to him. He got to stay at his grandparents’ in SJ for a few days with me & Charlie, and he is also in Lego Camp this week in the mornings which he loves. Baseball continues every Thursday until the end of July, and while no real skills are being learned Roman still likes the sport and has definitely improved over last year. He has had lots of playdates with different friends & done errands with me with little complaining. Also, we got the game Lego Harry Potter for the Wii, so with any extra time he beats it downstairs to do a level.

On the internal side, Roman is struggling with an increase in anxiety. He has always struggled with separation, continuing to have nightmares about being “stolen” & asking lots of questions about what would happen if there was a tornado, if I had an allergy attack at a barn we visited, things of that nature. This anxiety has now extended to outside, where he basically refuses to play unless he’s on a bike. He will not go in the backyard because of bees & will not go to the park unless everything is inspected first – for bees, of course. Because this is interfering with daily life, we spoke with dr. who prescribes his meds & we started a new one. Hopefully it will work and in my words, be a “pill that will make him go in the backyard.”

He has much more to look forward to this summer – vacation next week where he sees his cousins from South Dakota, VBS, another few days with his cousin Eli at grandparents’ house, a trip to a fair, & another week-long camp locally. All that plus preparing, at some point, to start second grade! He has already picked out the backpack he wants.

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