Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kentucky Wednesday

Today began with a quick trip to Paducah to the Wal-Mart. I don't think we could get any more Kentucky-ish. We had a few things to pick up that the local IGA didn't carry. Roman did not go because Aunt Kathy offered to take the 3 older boys downtown on the golf cart & to check out the shops. Roman came back with a stuffed turtle named Mario, a smaller one for Charlie named Luigi, and Alek named his Yoshi (all names from Mario games). Not sure what Ian's turtle is named. All the boys are thrilled with them. I love boys who don't mind showing a little love for stuffed animals.

When we got back from W-M, I went with C & R to go swim with their cousins while Doug did some work. When we finished up and headed back for lunch, Scott & Serena had arrived from Atlanta. They went swimming with the boys AGAIN, while I decided to nap with Charlie for a couple hours. The afternoon brought... you guessed it... more swimming, then dinner out at the Yacht Club here on resort property. It was cool because even though it's a dry county, you can bring your own alcohol in and they will serve it. So we brought a couple bottles of red wine in. The food was great, I had shrimp. Yummy!

At the end of the meal, the waitress asked the boys if they'd like to feed turtles. Of course they would, so she brought out some stale rolls from the day before and led us out onto a little walkway by the kitchen. Below us in the bay were probably 75 to 100 turtles swimming around. It was so neat! By the end of this excitement, it was time for Charlie to hit the hay so we all headed back. I am now in our condo with the two boys while the rest of the adults party next door. I don't mind though, I make Doug do a lot of the kid stuff during the day while I chat. :)

Golf is on the agenda for tomorrow, 18 holes for 4 of them, mini-golfing for the rest. You bet I'm mini-golfing! As for weather, we haven't had any of the storms that appear to be passing by on the weather maps. It's been partly sunny or overcast, and humid every day. I start sweating just walking next door!

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Sheryl said...

sounds like a terrific family vacation spot- even in Kentucky!!;)