Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kentucky Tuesday

We decided to go adventuring today. We started at the north end of Land Between the Lakes National Park. As I was looking at the local brochure-map, something I had overlooked seemed to jump out at me - Fort Donelson National Battlefield! A Civil War battle site, just 40 minutes away! So we decided to head down there and work our way back up the LBL area. We did swing through the Elk & Bison Preserve, and we saw a herd of buffalo by a pond and 4 female elk. On our way out, just as hope was almost lost, we caught sight of a male elk with big, big antlers. Very cool!

We had packed a lunch and so we had a picnic before we headed into Fort Donelson. By the end of the first 3 stops, it was so blazin' hot that we decided to head back to the condo & swim, maybe stopping at the Nature Station on the way. Charlie, Roman, and myself all fell asleep so clearly there was no other stop! Once we got back to the condo, Roman went off to the beach with his cousins & we took Charlie to the indoor pool. Charlie is a fish! He is now jumping off the side into our arms, crab-crawling along the side back to the stairs, and actually was telling Doug to move so he could jump in without being caught. Not yet, mister!

Roman & cousins (and aunt & uncle) arrived at the pool, soon followed by Grandma, and I had a chance to read (gasp!) for a little. Happy Hour commenced around 4:30, followed by bbq chicken! Boys ask every night to be put to bed, they're so exhausted. I gave Roman a 15-minute warning for bed & his reply was, "I don't mind if we go now." Funny boys! Tomorrow will probably be a quick trip to Wal-Mart in Paducah (doesn't that sound very Kentucky-ish?) and then swimming all day again. The other aunt & uncle arrive tomorrow afternoon - more excitement!

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