Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kentucky Thursday

Today was an interesting day. Doug went golfing with his 2 brothers & Serena, and Kathy offered to take the 3 older boys to a movie since it was a really hot day (no mini-golfing). Charlie & I went on our own adventure to the Nature Station. It was really fun, like a "Kentucky backyard" and we saw 4 different kinds of owls, bald eagles, vultures, a groundhog, deer, a bobcat, turkey, and the coolest - 2 red wolves (a very endangered species). Inside the Nature Station they had tanks with turtles, snakes, and flying squirrels, along with a kids' play area where you could examine animal skulls, skin, etc. and about 6 different pelts to touch. Charlie loved it.

We got back and after lunch, C. took a nap. And then the grumpies arrived. He woke up once yelling for me, but fell back to sleep. The second time he awoke he was just pissy. Crying at everything, changing his mind, whining, the worst. I took him for a golf cart ride and we went to look at the turtles by the restaurant, but he didn't want to leave when it was time so the crying and screaming started all over again. When everyone returned around 3pm from their varied pursuits, we all went swimming. C. was finally in a better mood. Roman is like a fish in the pool and loves doing tricks and practicing pushing off and doing jumps & "dives." Charlie has graduated to moving his arms and legs while we hold him under his armpits, and calling "I'm swimming!"

We went to Patti's 1880s Settlement for dinner. Very down-home country cooking but delicious. Another funny thing, this restaurant also allowed us to bring our own wine in but the waitstaff wasn't allowed to touch it. We had to bring our own opener and pay a dollar per wine glass. Anyway, it was a 2 hour meal but the kids were CHAMPS, seriously. Probably could've gotten a rousing game of cards going tonight but we are all tired from playing & digesting. I think we're all going to bed (9:20 local time!).

Tomorrow, our last full day here. The older boys are going to do a kids' program in the afternoon & I'm hoping to check out a couple antiques (crap?) stores in the area. Swimming of course, & dinner here in the condo to use up a lot of our food. Ice cream is planned in the town as a final sendoff.

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