Friday, July 16, 2010

Charlie update

Charlie has been following Roman around all summer. He imitates Roman doing everything. His speech is coming along really fast now, with sentences being the norm now (although often leaving some words out). The connections he makes are pretty amazing. He is Opposite Boy when it comes to food & activities, liking everything Roman did not (& vice versa). One thing he did insist on, however, was a temporary tattoo. Roman has a sheet of them that he occasionally uses. He let Charlie have a tiger on his left forearm. When Charlie went to bed that night, he was crying & babbling. I went in and finally figured out – he wanted 2 more tattoos, one on his right hand and one on his right forearm. I had to promise he’d get one in the morning for him to finally calm down!

He had his first playdate this past Wednesday with Allie, the little sister of Roman’s friend. He was SO excited to play in their playroom & on the playscape in their yard. He also likes when Roman’s friends come over, as he thinks he gets to play with them too. Sometimes the friends will find him amusing, sometimes not.

While I had wanted to do a class or something with Charlie, I just couldn’t find the right one at the right time. I’ve tried to take him places that he could learn from then, like Domino’s Farms. We did a lot of swimming at my cousin’s over the 4th of July too. As he is Opposite Boy, he loves being outside in the sandbox, in the kiddy pool, blowing bubbles, even just wandering around and looking at bugs. Aside from the temper tantrums & limit-pushing, the boy is at a great age.

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