Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why summer is kind of cool

I'm apparently into lists, because in my head I was thinking of what to blog and it was another list. Bulletpoints are great. So... why I think summer is kind of cool.

We have a great big tree in our front yard that shades the deck. And no matter how hot it is, it's shady & cool on that deck.

Roman can have playdates on any day. No school nights to beware of! And if I do it right, like right now, Roman can have a more-quiet friend over while Charlie naps & I get precious time to myself.

If I grab the hose & "accidentally" get the kids & myself wet, it's okay. We have all day to dry off.

Charlie can go in just a diaper and it's acceptable.

If I feel like going to a store, I can just go. No narrow window between work & school pickup & dinner making.

I have the patience to do a craft with the kids. And they think it's fun.

A slight downside - I take pictures of everything. And then want to scrap it. And can't find the time! But I do have the space in my mind to think about scrapbooking.

By pictures of everything, I mean even the chipmunk that we saw crawl up to the bird feeder. Because we haven't seen chipmunks around here on account of the neighborhood cats, & we named him Alvin, and we wonder if he's friends with Jumpy the Squirrel who lives in our tree, and Jumpy has a girlfriend & I want a picture of her...

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.

Sweeter white wine or Mike's Hard Lemonade just tastes soooo good.

Strawberries, blueberries, & watermelon. Had 2 of the 3 for lunch today!

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