Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Out of sight, out of mind

Man, has it been awhile since I've been here. I think about posting every few days but am so exhausted. End of the school year, students had projects I was furiously grading, you know... excuses, excuses. Here are the highlights of the last couple weeks:

Charlie can drink out of a regular cup. He's very proud of himself, too.
Charlie also loves to eat his boogers. Complete with a satisfied "Mmm!" as he sticks his finger in his mouth.
We went to the Blossomtime Parade in my hometown a couple weekends ago and Charlie loved it. He appeared to like the floats best, as well as the characters in the cars like Elmo, Big Bird, & Ronald McDonald.
Charlie would survive on oatmeal if we let him. It's his request for every meal. Apple Cinnamon or Dinosaur Eggs (maple/brown sugar). He even dreams about it - we heard him call out the other night in his sleep, "oatmeal!"
His greatest desire is to be outside in the backyard. Not even the suggestion of a bath will bring him inside anymore.
He adores his big brother & imitates absolutely everything he does, and says. Which is sometimes pretty amusing.

Ro started coach-pitch baseball last weekend & even got a hit. He wants to go practice in the backyard every evening now, and he prefers to bat. Still struggles with throwing & catching. This works out well since little brother wants to be outside as well.
Roman has worked out a way to play Quidditch (a game in Harry Potter) in our backyard complete with goal areas, pretend brooms, Quaffle & Bludger. Haven't figured out how to get the Snitch to fly yet.
Roman has finally branched out into cheeseburgers from fast-food restaurants.
His best buddy, who lived across the road, moved to a different neighborhood last weekend. This has caused much sorrow for Roman & a slightly challenging adjustment in our home life.
Ro's favorite part about the parade was the Indianapolis Police motorcycle precision team.
School continues to go well for Ro, and he gets a "good behavior" stamp every day now.

As for Doug and I? We celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss last Thursday. We went out to dinner without kids, and have made plans to get away for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS in August without the kids. That will be the first time since mid-2004. Yeah, I think it's time.

Golf season has started for Doug and he happily plays one night a week. He tested for his green belt in tang soo do this past weekend & passed! So he's officially "6th gup." He's also doing serious research into concrete & garage prices, as we have to apply for a variance to our city to build a 2-staller.

Me, I am close to counting the days until summer vacation. It's been a rough second semester and the 8th graders have gone off the edge - they're checked out. Because of strange retirement goings-on in the state legislature it's been difficult for my principal to do a schedule for next year, but from what I hear I will have it's not bad. Still on a cart, though. I sure would love to have a room again. Next year will be my 7th year on a cart. Now that swimming is over I've been branching out into crafts again. Am considering taking up needlepoint (less concentration with kids than cross-stitch) and am happily playing with scrapping & card templates on the computer.

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