Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding a decent babysitter

Who wouldn't babysit for this kid? What a mug.

Since we go to therapy every Tuesday evening (not to mention every other Monday Doug golfs & I have support group), we have had to find a babysitter for Charlie who was willing to keep the weekly date. Our people of choice are jobless teens from our church. We started with Mike, who was successful for many months until he got a job. Darn this economy! We moved on to his brother, who only worked out for a couple weeks until HE got a job. Luckily we were tipped off to another church family whose eldest son is also jobless & interested in babysitting. He has been with us about 6 weeks now and is working out well. We did have a conflict this week, so he introduced us to his girlfriend Anna, who came with him last week & then sat for Charlie tonight. And of all the sitters we've had, Charlie seems to have fallen for Anna.

We had been wanting to encourage boys (as you may have noticed) because Roman especially likes to play "boy" stuff & we thought it'd be good. But Charlie is still in the crush stage I think, and Anna seems to fit the bill. He talked about her for days last week, and when she came tonight she earned the coveted "Anna, come!" complete with hand gesture to call her over to play. He grinned at her, said "Anna play!" and all was right with the world.

The problem lies herein - because we have a sitter once weekly, sometimes twice, for "business" we feel slightly guilty about going out on our own for pleasure. A babysitter for a third night in a week? Not even to mention the price. Not to mention that we would like to start going out occasionally with just Charlie and doing things with him. Roman said he wouldn't mind that which is curious - until we realized that he has fallen under Anna's spell too. But who wouldn't fall for our Russian gang member here? :)

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