Monday, May 31, 2010

...a cruel, cruel summer...

Lyrics of an old song that dashed through my head today as I attended to my family's needs. Charlie is really coming into his own and it's great to see - except I am reminded that I really hate "two." There's lots of demanding and no understanding. Can Mama have 30 seconds to finish this article in a magazine that she's tried to read 4 times today? NO! "Mama play!" is heard. And we're not just talking the 2-year-old with that one.

Because of many reasons, I seem to have hit the wall of not wanting to play with Roman. But my support group helped me realize that it's not playing with Roman - it's playing Legos with Roman that I can't stand. I would play card games, baseball, what have you... but I just can't stand role-playing stuff with him. This stretches all the way back to Thomas the Tank Engine. Perhaps because I always did it by myself, I don't get the need to constantly have someone interacting. But anything I could do now with Roman is hampered by the 2-year-old wanting in on it, too.

So I realized that my summer is going to be one of those. Charlie will demand more of my attention when it's the two of them playing... and when he naps, Roman will need my undivided attention. Which leaves not much leftover for say, reading a few pages in a book or doing some Internet surfing to calm my brain. I think it'll be the kind of summer where I dread it, but in the end will find it was one of the most enjoyable because I'll be immersed with the boys. I mean, they're both at an age where we can do fun things - Charlie will "get" and learn so much from what we do, and Roman is so much more intelligent every year. I just need to find activities where both of them won't wear me out!

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