Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Roman was up first around 7am and found the note from the Easter Bunny, detailing which eggs were his and which were Charlie's. After a hunt which included shoes & the chandelier, Roman settled in to build his Lego tank the Bunny brought.

Soon after, Charlie awoke & Roman was thrilled to assist him in finding his eggs. Charlie liked the hunt too, but was so excited about the ocean toys that the Bunny brought that he gave up after a few eggs, so Roman finished the hunt for him.

Charlie likes dumping the jellybeans out of the plastic eggs and feeding them to the rest of us. His report on them is "yucky." Roman has done a good job of controlling his candy intake. We're preparing for church now, with ham, au gratin potatoes, & cake as our noonday "dinner." I think Doug will take Ro out later to see "How To Train Your Dragon" and otherwise it will be a stick at home day!

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