Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy physically & emotionally

This is always a crazy time of year. Doug's birthday, my birthday 4 days later, our anniversary (10 years this year!) a week after that. Throw in a scrapbooking convention that I attend every year, Mother's Day, and various other family birthdays, and it's a wonder I can keep anything straight!

This is also the time of year when Doug's golf league starts every Monday, baseball starts up for Roman in another week or two, and generally Charlie wants to be outside in the sandbox every. single. day. Throw in some weekly therapy to keep us all sane, a moms' support group every other week, and again - it's a wonder I can keep anything straight!

The boys are fabulous, except when they're... not. Charlie is really showing signs of having inherited my temper, and being 2 doesn't make it any easier. Tomorrow night we have an appt. with the Early On specialist to do his regular 6 month followup for his speech delay. We definitely are noticing improvement and some progress but how much, we're not sure. It'll be nice to double-check our goals with her. Charlie is also obsessed (when not talking about the sandbox) with Skype. We skyped with my brother the other night & the cousins got to talk - now he mentions my nephew's name every day. It goes like this: "Talk Baba? Eli? ELI! Talk? Skype?" Honestly, he does say something a lot like "skype."

Roman got his 3rd quarter report card and it was awesome. He is doing well in all areas, just a couple spots we need to work on (handwriting, reading strategies). His behavior report was completely opposite of what we've gotten used to - clearly the meds are working. We do therapy once a week and I believe he's making good progress there, too. He is able to look at pictures of us in Russia without getting dysregulated, has mentioned he'd like to learn the language, & generally is working on expressing his feelings to us without shame. Tonight was a hard one, he had a meltdown (we're not sure why) which, an hour later, brought us all to tears. It was tough going & emotionally draining, but Doug and I really experienced some feelings we had not fully acknowledged before about what we missed when Roman was in Russia. Good stuff.

Tomorrow is my birthday, which of course is terrific (today accompanied by my own adoption thoughts). I'm not bothered by my age, although when I look in the mirror it explains a lot of those weird skin & weight changes I've been having! It won't be thrilling - work & the Early On appt. kind of takes care of that - but Doug mentioned having to wrap presents (note the plural!) so I'm looking forward to that.

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