Tuesday, March 09, 2010

that kind of mom?

Had a nice conversation with a neighbor the other day, mom of another boy in first grade. We were talking about what summer camps could interest the boys and whether they should do flag football in the fall - you know, common March conversations. :) Anyway, she recognized the football team names and said "oh, I've seen cars with those stickers on it! I want to be one of those moms!" I giggled at first and she said, "don't you?" And that question has stuck in my mind. And you know... I think I do.

Why do I want a sticker on my car? We actually bought one from the place where Roman & Doug do karate. I was disappointed to find that because my trunk windows are tinted I couldn't post the sticker. I think I want it because it means we belong... we're connected to something. And that's something we've not felt here for a long time. Partly because we resisted it... this area was our starter home, our stepping stone to something else. But now that our house value keeps going down (just got another notice - it's now worth $45,000 less than we paid for it!) we're not moving anywhere anytime soon. So it's time to become part of the community... and if that means putting a football or karate sticker on my car, I'll do it.

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