Thursday, March 04, 2010

being successful, & wanting more of it!

I thought I was going to pass out from dizziness caused by stress on Monday. Who in the world starts their child on medication, another child at a new daycare, & coaching a sport all on the same day? For crying out loud. Well, I do. And thank goodness I have Superman as my husband, or our household would have fallen apart.

Charlie has adjusted well to his new daycare. He calls it "happy happy playtime." They do lots of art and directed playtime which is good for him. He loves it so much that he cries when Doug picks him up! Swim season is fine too, good group of kids and everything's settling in nicely.

We decided, with a doctor's guidance, to start Roman on a low-dose medication to help. Rather than an ADHD med it's a mood stabilizer. We got immediate positive feedback from his teacher - he was able to read a book during reading time! He stayed in his seat at center time! He is raising his hand to speak during class! Roman's reaction was interesting. He first claimed he didn't notice anything different on his medication - but he was really proud of himself for staying in his groups and not being separated. But then Wednesday night, while trying to work on homework he was having a very hard time focusing and was getting very emotional. He finally blurted out, "it's the pill!" Doug asked him if he wanted one and Roman said yes. So he is aware, once the medication wears off, that there is a difference.

We go back in a couple weeks to the dr for a check-in regarding the meds, but so far so good. Now we just hope that our insurance covers much of it and he doesn't grow too fast because we'll constantly have to adjust it!

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