Monday, March 29, 2010

All sunshine & rainbows!

Well, not always. But I am trying to keep calm & see the sunny side of things. So my new banner is my current favorite digital scrapbooking supplies. It's called "Happy Go Lucky" by Shabby Princess. I love her stuff. The font is also my current favorite font, "Be Safe." It's a replica of Edward's handwriting from Twilight. Oh, yes.

I've been in a retrospective mood this week, as it's the 5-year anniversary of Roman joining our family. All the dates go by, starting with March 25 & ending April 1, and I can remember what we were doing every day. March 25 at 4pm was our court date. March 26 we visited the baby home like always. Same as March 27, but we also went sight-seeing with Dima that afternoon. March 28 was what people refer to as "Gotcha Day" - we don't, we just call it when we were able to bring Roman with us. I will never forget that car ride away from the baby home. The mixture of emotions I had - with him snuggled between Doug and I in the back seat, overwhelming joy & overwhelming sadness at taking him away from all he'd ever known, and the city he was born in - made me silently cry practically all the way back to our hotel. March 29 - plane ride back to Moscow. March 30 - sight-seeing in Moscow. March 31 - appt. with doctor in Moscow. April 1 - fly home!

Seemingly unrelated to my musings on our 5 year acknowledgement, I changed a picture in our 8x10 frame in the living room. Like my mom, I save all the other pictures behind it to see a progression. And behold, the growth of our family in 8 pictures:

Strangely, the way I arranged it you have to start in the lower right hand corner and then go up and down to the upper left hand corner. Our wedding (coming up on our 10 year anniversary!), Roman at 1 year, 18 months, seeing Thomas for the first time (we won that picture for free!), first church photo, addition of a brother!, and then this past year's family picture. Just amazes me, all that can happen in 5 years.

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