Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's and break!

Today starts a whole week of vacation. Our district gives a whole week for "mid-winter break," something I never grew up with on the west side of the state but apparently is quite common here on the east side. I have volunteered to chaperone a group of 80-some kids to DC (well, there's only 8 in my group) for a whirlwind tour. We report to the buses at 6am Sunday morning, do 2.5 days full of fun, and drive back all night Tuesday night to arrive home crack of dawn Wedn. morning. Pros and cons of this is I miss Roman's 2 days of break, but at the same time I will truly enjoy having W, T, & F to myself. And exploring the capital with kids seeing it for the first time will be fun.

Speaking of... we took a field trip to Henry Ford Museum on Thursday. The kids say the funniest things, such as when we were looking at a camp bed used by Washington during the Revolution. We were looking through the glass and I said, "can you believe GW actually slept on that? Amazing!" A kid said, "did that really belong to him?" Another kid answered, "well duh, it's a MUSEUM." They were also really in awe when another teacher & I were reminiscing about our Simons, Merlins, Mr. Professor, Speak & Say, etc. We had to tell them those were our versions of video games and I swear, a look of pity crossed one girl's face.

As for all the love going around this weekend? My boys bought me a bouquet of pink tulips last week so I could enjoy them before I left. Tonight we're celebrating by having a favorite meal, red Jello jiggler hearts for dessert, & family movie night - "Up." Neither Doug nor I are ones for making a huge deal out of V-Day. In fact, the most memorable one is when we did something far different than acknowledge the holiday - we flew to Russia to meet Roman for the first time!

Finally, in my general ramblings, I need to point out that Roman has finally gathered the courage to go back to Costco. we haven't been there since he broke his leg but we're running low on paper goods. It took us bribing him with a smoothie, a churro, and then going to the shoe store afterward to get him to agree to go to "the evil store." I applaud his bravery. :)

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