Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Just doing a drive-by.

Wanted to check in as it's been so busy I haven't had time to update much. Last weekend Doug went ice fishing and so I packed up the kids and visited my parents. Had a good time, went on the new carousel down by the beach & the new Curious Kids area as well. Charlie was pretty amazed with the carousel. He was very serious about it. Roman got a "girly" horse (with butterflies) but dealt with it quite well. :)

We have started physical therapy on Roman's leg/knee as well. He is so hesitant to bend it because it might hurt, that he's causing more problems - he walks stiff-legged. We have been to the office twice and done exercises at home. It's hard work for him, but that's the point! In social news, he's going home with a friend on Friday on the BUS. This is a huge deal for him, he loves it.
Charlie, well, I miss him. I've been so busy with a couple meetings this week, and taking Roman to PT, that I see him only about an hour or so a day. It makes me very sad. I think while Roman's at his friend's on Friday Doug and I will do something with Charlie. New 2-word phrases are coming all the time, and while he still doesn't have a ton of words, we're able to understand everything he says... pretty much.

Me? I'm plodding on the Simple Abundance path. Writing my blessings down, trying to stay centered and calm. It was difficult last week, & a bit this week. I do better when I can come home each day from work and putter. Doug and I are trying to embrace the simplify & declutter theme. We have scheduled time to clean out areas of our home that are really bothering us. This evening, for example, was the kitchen cupboards. I got to all but the food & junk cupboards. Surprising how much room we really do have when we purge & rearrange.

We also have reclaimed the living room as our own and made it toy-free. Toys are now stored in the kids' rooms or the basement, depending on the level of excitement. It's been nice to have a room in the house not covered with Legos. We still have a long way to go - the basement storage room is scheduled for Saturday morning. Not to mention all the closets and under-bed areas...

We got the official report back from Roman's testing yesterday, but I'm still mulling it over in my head. Will share what's appropriate when I can wrap my mind around some things.

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